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What Our Customers Are Saying

We could go on all day about our cruelty-free, one-of-a-kind products, and our dreams to create artisans out of all of you; but our customers just tell it better! Take a look at their feedback below and learn about our excellent service, hands-on advice and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Testimonials: Testimonial

"I was lucky enough to discover Muby Astruc and When Shabby Meets Chic through Facebook, when I purchased an up-cycled coffee table from her. I went for the table, but came away with MUCH more! I couldn't resist her amazing collection of IOD Furniture Transfers and Cling-On brushes that I wanted for my own up-cycling efforts. Her range of products are very high quality; but surprisingly, are very affordable! And the free advice she provided was priceless! Can't wait to make my next purchase. Although she offers a delivery, I would much rather visit her show-shed for pick-up. It's adorable!"

Annette Fernandes-Poyser (Executive Director, BBN International)

"My journey with When Shabby Meets Chic, and it's charming founder, Muby Astruc, is cute and colourful. We are like two crazy ladies chatting at midnight about furniture art. We clicked instantly. 

I am an amateur in this world of DIY up-cycling. I have a very stressful career and find that painting furniture is my way of relaxation.

One day, I landed on a Facebook Forum run by Muby called UAE Furniture Artisans Forum. That's when it all began.

Within a week, I knew how to take my hobby to the next level. Muby Astruc put together a starter pack for me, containing a few colours from the Frenchic chalk paint Original and Lazy ranges; the Frenchic Clear and Defining Wax; some Cling On brushes; and the amazing IOD Furniture stamping kit). She was kind enough to volunteer to create a starter pack for me, as at the time, I didn't even know what products I would need! 

The package was shipped to me in Abu Dhabi asap and I received it the next day. Since then, Muby Astruc has been tutoring me online and guides me through all my pieces. And all of this isn't even charged for! It's just her passion for creating artists out of all of us.

Each product that I've received is of amazing quality. As I work in investments, I understand how critical it is to invest in good products, as it will pay off with great value in the long term.

Besides just having amazing products, I admire Muby's passion, courage and especially respect that she freely passes on her valuable knowledge to others who want to learn more about up-cycling furniture.

Purchasing from When Shabby Meets Chic is an experience, not just an online sale. It's very personal and Muby is totally hands on every step of the way. She has single-handedly changed my entire approach to up-cycling."

Svetia Deshais (Wealth Manager, PIC deVere Group)

"Muby Astruc is absolutely amazing and a great teacher! I had a one to one workshop with her and couldn't be happier with it."

Ana Seixas (Head of Marketing & Communications, Supreme Group)

"Not only does When Shabby Meets Chic have the best product range in the country, their customer service is unbelievable! Muby Astruc is a delight. She coached me how to use every single one of the products, investing hours answering my questions. I didn't just buy a product, I felt like I also made a friend. Plus, her delivery system is so efficient and at Dh20, it's cheaper than driving around town."

Rhea Wilson (Home CEO, Mum of three boys).

"When Shabby Meets Chic has such a great selection of IOD products. For the past year, I'd been paying so much more to order them from the US. I'm thrilled that they are finally available locally. Add to that founder Muby Astruc's knowledge and advice... most helpful and inspiring."

Carol Gambon (Genealogist)

"When Shabby Meets Chic have been wonderful to work with – so prompt and helpful and dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the product is fit for purpose! I'll definitely be consulting with Muby Astruc for future projects. Her input is invaluable."

Tehniyat Nadir Ijaz (Blogger/Food Photographer)

"Everyone can paint. It's so easy. I got my starter kit of Frenchic Chalk Paint, some IOD stamps, and a painting sponge from When Shabby Meets Chic's little show shed in Mirdif, instead of purchasing online. It was such a useful visit because I had never before used chalk paint. Muby gave me hands-on advice and really helped me decide what I would need for my first painting project. I love to create with my hands. I forgot I could. I forgot that I had it in me to be an artisan. Muby ignited my creativity. 
Painting with Frenchic is so relaxing and easy. It's rewarding to see results instantly. I am so happy with my new hobby. Now, my mind is full of ideas of how and what to paint next.
It's funny, now when I see used furniture, I begin mentally painting it with Frenchic!
My next paint project will surely be something modern-Scandinavian."

Minna Herranen (Trade Compliance Office, Nokia | Editor-Photographer, Naked Plated Blog)

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