Upcycle by Innara

Services offered:

  • Contractual work: walls, floors, tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, full home renovation, furniture (interior and exterior), room makeovers

  • Additional: Wood-Working, Painting and Furniture Up-cycling workshops

  • Design bespoke units for clients (both corporate and personal )

They say the earth laughs in flowers. She’s been calling out to us to go back to a grounded lifestyle for a while now. 

Subconsciously we know that the balance must be restored. 

It started as a conversation over copious amounts of coffee at an unearthly hour  while we were setting up for an event .

There had to be a better way. 

Having run  an event business for the past 18 years gave me access to wood-based  backdrops and furniture that were used just once and were sent on their way to the bin.

I decided I had to make some changes; perhaps starting with my own home, my immediate surroundings. Small baby steps . 

Keeping the whole wabi-sabi concept I started creating pieces for my home that were unique and hand-crafted; pieces such as a boho light fitting, a pallet tv stand, drinks caddies and garden sconces.

I extended this love and shared my work with friends as gifts, keeping in mind the receiver’s personality. I would enjoy learning about people’s nuances and began customising pieces for them. From Frida Kahlo to Dali inspired pieces, I started dabbling with art as the next layer of my experience. This added that shabang. It felt anchored and it felt personal . 

The ideas were there. To give them life, I initially flirted with  emulsion paints: Prime, paint and seal. It was too lengthy a process. Fed up, I even tried to try to make my own chalk paint using YouTube for guidance. Disaster.

I wanted the process and all its elements to sing the same song. At that point, there wasn’t any harmony for me. I saw no point in varnishing a herb planter that was upcycled and finish it with chemically-loaded varnish. #nopoint 

There were ideas and then there are tools. This came in the form  of paints that When Shabby meets Chic had to offer. No fuss: check. Non-toxic: check. Nursery-and-pet-safe: check. Easy to use: check. 

Frenchic Furniture Paint very quickly became the only paint I would use.

So I took it a step further. I launched a company that houses a sustainable lifestyle brand, offering products and services to the environmentally-conscious consumer. 

There are ideas; there are tools; and there is a muse. Mine come four legged: Bonnie, Eva, Taz and Mellow.

My  pieces reflect a simpler life, a long-forgotten memory, and a story that makes your heart fuzzy. 

I  hope my labour of love illuminates your inner truth; and my pieces bring warmth into your homes.​