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Our Commitments

Products you can feel good about

When Shabby Meets Chic started as a company with very strong values. Nothing we would sell would ever, intentionally, harm an animal, person or our planet. 

It's a promise we have stayed trued to. And that means you can buy your paints and accessories from us, guilt-free, knowing you have picked the safest possible option for yourself, your family and the environment.

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No VOCs, toxins, odours

(Volatile Order Compounds)





(Harazardous Air Pollutants


EN 71-3 Certified



(Toxic Air Contaminents)

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Cruelty-free products

Even before our launch in 2017, one thing was clear. When Shabby Meets Chic would never sell or make a profit from any products that were tested on animals, or used animal hair, skin, bone, etc.

Over the last few years, we have lived up to our promise. From Frenchic to Cling On, all our products are proudly cruelty-free. 

No-VOC paint for a healthier home

Our water-based range of Frenchic paints and finishes are formulated without the toxic carbon-based solvents and VOCs found in other paints.

But first; what are VOCs?

The acronym stands for "volatile organic compounds", which are carbon-containing compounds emitted as gasses into the air. These gasses contribute to ozone pollution, which is bad for the environment, and also pollute the air inside your home, which can be bad for your health. VOCs are commonly present in a wide array of household products like cleansers, disinfectants, aerosol sprays, furniture and yes, paints. VOCs can lead to adverse health effects like eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, allergies and may even damage your liver, kidneys and central nervous system. That doesn't sound so good now, does it?

So how does one keep these VOCs away from our homes?

Since the air inside our homes can be up to ten times more polluted than the air outside, it is more important than ever to minimise the use of products made with high polluting chemicals and focus on ones that support healthier indoor air environments. That includes paint. If you’re searching for a better paint for your home, choosing a VOC-free paint is a great first step. This is why we made it our priority to only sell products that support healthier indoor air, while still delivering outstanding performance. This becomes even more important in a country like the UAE, where due to extreme weather conditions we can rarely, if ever, paint outdoors.

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Ready to paint your home safe? Let's start shopping our eco-friendly range of home paints.
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