These halal, vegan and cruelty-free S50 flat Cling On Brushes, boast the same exquisite features you love about your Cling Ons; plus the new, short, ergonomically shaped handle is designed for comfort and painting in tight spaces.

Just like the rest of its Cling On family, the S50 has the:

  • Same superior cleanability
  • Same super smooth, brush-stroke free finish
  • Same quality Dupont nylon filaments
  • Same supreme durability
  • Same superior quality

The S50 feels beautiful in your hand and delivers the same smooth finish that has always made sure the Cling On name is high above it's competitors! It is ideal for painting flat surfaces, table tops, doors, armoires, desks and even for applying stains, finishing coats and polys.

The Flat Cling On paint brushes are highly coveted and used by artists and DIY’ers in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and now, the UAE. 

Cling On Brush S50 (Short Handle; Flat)

  • The CLING ON! brushes are 100% cruelty-free and are vegan-friendly.

    Designed by a professional painter, and handmade in Holland, CLING ON Paint Brushes feature soft and durable DuPont synthetic filaments that are fully locked in epoxy cement to minimize shedding. They also have a stainless steel ferrule, and a beechwood handle.

    These incredible brushes provide you with a smooth application and are a breeze to clean. All you do is suspend the bristles in a container of water and leave the brush in until you’re ready to paint again!

    A few highlights of Cling On paint brushes

    – Virtually brush-stroke free finish on your furniture

    – Extremely strong and durable, yet still very gentle

    – Best shape retention of brushes on the market

    – Can be used with all water based products

    – A dream to work with and easy to clean

    – Superb brushes for cutting in

    – Better coverage with a smoother finish than other brushes

    With proper care these brushes will last for years!

  • Standard delivery charges of Dh21 (including VAT) per order apply, all across the UAE. 

    Out of City Areas (see Delivery Information under our Policies tab) are charged at Dh50 (+VAT).

    When Shabby Meets Chic currently only delivers across the UAE.


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