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Angelique Furniture and Decor

Services Offered:

Whether it is already a part of your current selection or a new addition, all furniture will require a facelift. We can help you to decide on the design, colour and which range of Frenchic Furniture paint will best suit your needs. Our indoor and outdoor services include:

  • Painting (modern, distressed, aged look) of any type/material of furniture.

  • Kitchen, tiles, bathroom and garden/outdoor furniture painting

  • Adding carvings or wooden moulds to existing pieces

  • Tile mosaic

  • Gold-leafing

  • Paint makeovers for all types of furniture, including Ikea pieces.

  • Pick up & Delivery 

​Being a white collar for more than 10 years, I never had the chance to meet the creativity hidden in me until I met When Shabby Meets Chic and the world of furniture painting. 

I was always jealous of people buying secondhand furniture and transforming them into their favourite items. A few years ago, I made up my mind and posted in the UAE Furniture Artisans group, requesting someone to explain to me how to paint, as if they are explaining a primary school child. I never thought that this would change my life. 

I met Muby Astruc and her gorgeous brand When Shabby Meets Chic. After a couple of hours of training and encouragement, I found myself enjoying the transformation of a piece, carrying the signs of age and memories, into a brand new piece full of character. 

Over the years, I have painted several furniture and decor items for myself and friends, which eventually led to Angelique Furniture and Decor. You can reach out to us through the below listed social media accounts for a free consultation and get a new look to your old furniture. 

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