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Our Contractors and Artisans

If you're looking for someone to take the pressure off you; to completely transform your furniture into unrecognisable beauty, look no further than our *recommended in-house artisans. Each of these businesses are specialised in the use of Frenchic Furniture Paint and all other brands recommended by When Shabby Meets Chic. From furniture makeovers to home renovations, our artists will help turn your shabby into chic.


Contractual work: Kitchens, interiors, home decor, furniture (indoor and outdoor)

Additional: Painting Workshops

Hi, I'm Sapna, a former art student and passionate artist. Instinctively, my design sensibilities lean towards Indian ethnic, but over the years, have branch out into everything from minimalistic to rustic, contemporary, industrial and more. I believe the mind is an endless canvas and am delighted to give wings to your vision and, with my team, turn abstract concepts into reality. Let's create some magic together, shall we?

Flippish Sapna 2

Angelique Furniture and Decor

Contractual work: Interiors, home decor, furniture (indoor and outdoor)

What started as an all-consuming hobby, has rightfully grown into our passion. From painting and upcycling for family and friends, to turning this dream into our career, we have grown and learned so much about furniture painting along the way. Today, we give you our cumulative experience and advice. From your homes and kitchens to your gardens and offices, our paint brushes will work their magic into your life.


* Shabby Meets Chic and White Feathers do not make any monetary benefit from these recommendations. Each of these contractors/artisans are fully licensed business that we recommend purely as a means to help you through your home makeover journey. We are not associated with, or make any profit through these recommendations.

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