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Services Offered:

  • Upcycling of indoor & outdoor furniture

  • Makeover of Dressers, Mirrors, Dining Tables, Side Tables, Chairs

  • Painting of Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets

  • Bespoke hand painted art

  • Decoupage

  • Distressed Finishes

  • Wood transfers

  • Stencilling

  • Gold leaf work

  • Sanding and stripping furniture/paint

It all started over a casual conversation with a friend. I have always been artistically inclined – having studied fine arts and then jewellery design. Upcycling furniture, therefore, came very naturally to me. 

I started experimenting with furniture pieces lying around my home to hone my skills and also try out various techniques – I was thrilled with the results. With the help of social media and friends, word started spreading and the response was over whelming. 

While my personal design tastes lean more towards Indian ethnic, i also love contemporary, rustic, modern, minimalist and everything inbetween. I love to work  with my clients and bring life to their vision with an aesthetic that gives their furniture a uniqueness and makes a statement reflecting who they are. I believe the mind is an endless canvas waiting to be filled with an inspiration of colours from your life and i look forward to hearing from you and creating some magic together.

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