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Today, more than ever, we need art. We need passion. We need artists. We need help to fill those gaps. Provide friendships. Build communities. We do it through paint. Won't you join us? 

When Shabby Meets Chic is the UAE's first cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shop for furniture paints, brushes and more. We continue to deliver to you across the UAE, no matter how far away you are. We are passionate about saving the UAE's landfills and homes by supplying eco-safe, animal-nursery-and-pregnancy-friendly chalk and mineral paint by Frenchic Furniture Paint; the artist's choice of brushes from Cling On, furniture stamps and transfers from IOD Decor; stencils; painting sponges; sanding blocks and so much more...


Metallics by Frenchic

Add a finishing touch to your upcycled furniture or freshen up your kitchen door handles with our Frensheen metallic mineral powder. Choose from Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green or Silver, mix with 'The Magic Potion' (aka our Frenchic Finishing Coat) and give your furniture pieces that 'pizzazz' they deserve. 

When mixed with our Finishing Coat, the Frensheen powders form a self-priming, self-sealing paint that can be used in kitchens, on walls and tiles, bathrooms, gardens and indoor too.

Al Fresco Limited Edition

An indoor/outdoor paint

Explore our four fabulous Limited Edition colours from the Frenchic Al Fresco range. Available in 500ml tins, that are just so convenient to paint out of, the four Limited Edition colours, like all the Al Fresco range, is self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling, so little to no brushmarks. Perfect for kitchens, ceramic tiles, your front door, your home or garden furniture, children's toys, pet beds & more. 

Tiled floor 2.jpg
Tile Stencils

Designer floors at

budget prices

Our tile Stencils come in two sizes and various design styles, so you will always be able to create the look you want. Use it with Frenchic Al Fresco or Lazy Range paint, and you have completely custom tiles for less! That's a whole lot better that stick on tiles and a lot more affordable than the cost of tiling a floor. Use them just about everywhere from your vinyl, ceramic, linoleum or marbles tiles, to cemented walkways, walls, kitchen backsplashes...

Product Highlight of the Month

Frenchic has revolutionary ranges from its original to the unique wax-infused Lazy and exterior Al Fresco as well as special crackles and sheens for furniture, walls and trims plus a host of brushes and other accessories.

Frenchic’s Al Fresco range is specifically developed to protect outdoor furniture, meaning it’s hard wearing and waterproof properties make it ideal for use in kitchens.

Frenchic Furniture Paint, an all-natural, environmentally-friendly chalk and mineral paint that is safe to use indoors and on children’s toys, and contains no toxins. The furniture doesn’t even need to be primed, stripped or sanded down before the paint is applied.

When Shabby Meets Chic: MEDIA COVERAGE

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This is the video interview with Gver that went viral on social media. Watch Muby Astruc, owner of When Shabby Meets Chic, talk about the urgency of upcycling furniture.

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An in-depth and intimate interview with artist-entrepreneur and founder of When Shabby Meets Chic, Muby Astruc, on the TV show, Women of Arabia.

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Read all about the birth of When Shabby Meets Chic; our values of cruelty-free retail; and our journey to bring to you art with a heart.

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Yes! That National. One of the leading newspapers in the country.

Muby Astruc is on

Even property portal Bayut found their way into our studio, home and lives.


The UAE Furniture Artisans Forum


Free tutorials, advice, and all your chalk painting questions answers.


With products that will leave you awe-struck

When Shabby meets Chic is the UAE's first online, one-stop shop for all your furniture art needs.  Founded by Dubai born and bred journalist-turned-artist, Muby Astruc, we are a trendsetting online paint retailer and distributor, offering products that have never before come to the UAE shores. From the award-winning Frenchic chalk & mineral paint; to IOD's furniture transfers and stamps and decorative rollers; the world-famous Cling-On paint brushes; and more; we aim to lure your inner artist into being. We have made it easier than ever for you to have access to products and collections that will forever change the way you paint.
Standing up for cruelty-free art is important to us. As is protecting the environment. Consequently, all our first-rate, environmentally-friendly products are proudly cruelty-free.  
And unless you wish you pay a visit to our charming little show-shed in Mirdif, all of our products are available to you from the comfort of your own homes.
Yes! You heard us. Just click, buy and have it delivered.
Wherever in the UAE you live, we'll make sure that all your paints and accessories are delivered to your door.
We’re a business made up of artists, innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly stimulate your creative juices; and update and improve your online shopping experience.






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