Oh you silvery dancing moonbeam beauty! Palest, whisper-soft grey that shines anywhere. Use where softness is needed, white is too bright and cream just won’t do.

Size: 2.5 Litre; 250ml

Luxurious and practical, Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint is a washable, ultra matte chalk wall paint. All our Wall Paint colours have incredible coverage with no odour – you could paint your dining room walls in the morning and eat in the same room in the evening with no painty smell. They are not just washable but certified scrubbable too! It really paints like a dream and is certified EN:71-3 which means it's even safe enough to paint childrens toys so ideal for nurseries and with no added VOC's either. Frenchic Wall Paint now has the protocol to also paint interior wooden flooring, concrete and laminate too! Just make sure your surface is in good condition and clean and dry and away you go! (Don't walk on it for approx 4 hours and wear socks until it's fully cured after 7 days). 


Frenchic's Al Fresco paint is so simple to use:

  • All surfaces should be clean dry and prepared for painting.
  • Apply using a brush or, for best results, a medium pile roller. Two coats are normally applied.
  • The paint will be touch dry in 1 hour and hard dry within 2 hours.



A 2.5L can of wall paint covers approximately 35m2 per coat on smooth non absorbent surface. Most surfaces wil need approximately 2 coats of paint.

Moon Whispers

  • Frenchic Furniture Paint is an environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free chalk & mineral paint, and is EN: 71-3 certified, meaning that it’s safe to paint nursery furniture. It has NO VOC's added and is TOXIN and SOLVENT FREE with no odour. It is creamy and rich with superior coverage. We’re not afraid to tell you what’s in our paint. In fact, we proudly display our ingredients on each and every tin! Don’t just take our word for it.
    Give it a go, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing!

    We are members of InVeNa and display the EU Eco Label. Frenchic is also a proud winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise.