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"Demystifying Furniture Wax: A Comprehensive Guide"

So many of us have been there. Shivered at the idea of having to wax a piece of furniture we have just painted. What with all the horror stories abound: streaky finish, patchy finish, the wax beading up, the wax not being sufficient, the finish being tacky, shoulder aches... It's no wonder that that wax has become the much-feared W word.

But hey, guess what? It's none of that.

Waxing your piece of furniture should be easy, effortless and pain-free. If you've got streaking, patches or any kind of muscle pain, chances are, you're not going about it the correct way.

So here you go. A complete guide to waxing your furniture. From understanding what is wax, and how it works; to learning how to apply it; how to wipe back; how long to let cure... it's all here.

It's about 13 minutes of your time before you are on your way to a flawless, wax-perfect finish each time.

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I'm here to help. x

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