Let’s begin where it matters. Family. 

Ruby and Sons is a family business. Owned and run entirely by people who love each other. Amongst the few business units we have is one that specialises in building materials. Built brick by brick by our incredible dad, Al Saidan Building Materials Trading LLC, Dubai, reflecting real life, is the legal umbrella under which When Shabby Meets Chic resides.

We began life as a Facebook page, showing you our furniture transformations and giving you inspiration on how to up-cycle your homes. We did what we did with passion. Just a girl and her dog. And passion has no choice but to grow. So grow we did. We ended up selling bespoke pieces of our madeover furniture; started taking on custom jobs with your furniture; began teaching workshops on how to wield magic with your brush… And eventually, frustrated with not having the materials we needed to teach you to do what you wanted to do, we decided to source those brands and introduce these game-changing products to the UAE.

So now, here we are.

When Shabby meets Chic. 

The UAE's first online, one-stop shop for furniture/home painting and makeovers. 

We are a trendsetting online paint and furniture art retailer, offering products that have never before come to the UAE shores. From Frenchic Furniture Paint to Cling On brushes, Tile Stencils, Furniture Transfers and Stamps, and more; we aim to lure your inner artist into being.

Standing up for cruelty-free art is important to us. Therefore all our first-rate, environmentally-friendly products are proudly cruelty-free.  

We started this chapter with just Muby Astruc and her Snickers. He was an angel who rescued her. She  was a journalist and life counsellor turned artist. Born and brought up in the UAE, with a heritage combining the East and West, it was Muby Astruc's dream for growing a UAE artisan community that birthed us.

We’ve worked hard and grown organically to get to this point. Every product we sell today is a reflection of hours spent working on various furniture jobs in order to have the money to fund this dream of ours. We began in 2016 as a Facebook page. And we grew. Because of you.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? But stay close, because we are the amalgamation of you. You are the artists. You are tomorrow’s sellers and creators. We’re here to help. That’s all we’ve ever wanted anyway.