Al Fresco Inside/Outside Paint
Water, heat and UV-proof one-step paint that is self-priming, self-leveling and self-sealing. Perfect for:
Kitchens (including Backsplashes)
Floors (with Finishing Coat over it)
Doors (interior and exterior)
Garden furniture
Pool fences
Indoor furniture
The Lazy Range
Wax-infused one-step chalk-mineral paint. No priming, sanding or sealant needed.
Perfect for:
All indoor furniture
Original/Artisan Range
Self-priming chalk paint, perfect for indoor furniture (needs to be sealed with wax or Finishing Coat). Perfect for distressing and creating artistic furniture.
Frenchic Wall Paint
Chalk paint for wall. Scrubbable, one-step, VOC-free, no toxins, no odours, supreme 2 coat coverage. Perfect for:
Floors (wooden and laminate)
Frensheen Metallics; Crackle; Decoupage
Magical metallic powders. Mix with Finishing Coat to have a self-sealing, self-priming metallic paint; or with Clear Wax to have a self-sealing gilding wax.
Perfect for:
Indoor furniture
Outdoor furniture
Draw pulls
Finishes; Sealants; Cleaning Products
Non-toxic, odourless, VOC-free, food grade, water-proof sealants and wax.
Stencils; Stamps; Transfers; Decorative Rollers
Browse through our wide variety of stencils, stamps and furniture transfers. Perfect for:
All indoor furniture
Brushes; Sponges; Rollers
Frenchic, Cling On and Xpert Decor brushes; as well as Roller kits and stencil rollers.
Accessories & Add-Ons
Painter's tape, paint tin openers and more.
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When Shabby Meets Chic is the UAE's first cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shop for furniture paints, brushes and more. We continue to deliver to you across the UAE, no matter how far away you are. We are passionate about saving the UAE's landfills and homes by supplying eco-safe, animal-nursery-and-pregnancy-friendly furniture, wall, tile, floor and garden paint by Frenchic Furniture Paint; a variety of brushes; stencils; decor tools and so much more...

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